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ISN PRASAD, IAS Additional Chief Secretary 22252078 255, Vidhana Soudha
Dr.EKROOP CAUR, IAS Secretary (Budget & Resources) 22353138 251, Vidhana Soudha
Dr.P.C. JAFFER, IAS Secretary (Expenditure) 22340259 208, Vidhana Soudha
VACANT Principal Secretary (KHAJANE-II) 22342888 Commercial Tax Office
CHANDRASHEKAR NAYAK L, IAS Deputy Secretary (Budget & Resources) 22258973 249F, Vidhana Soudha
NITISH.K, IAS Deputy Secretary - III/
Special Officer-Budget
22251121 250, Vidhana Soudha

Joint  Secretary

(Admin & Co-ord)



256, Vidhana Soudha
PURUSHOTHAM SINGH.B Ex-Officio Joint  Secretary (ZP) 22256351 249B, Vidhana Soudha
SHREEKRISHNA N BUGATYAGOL Ex-Officio Joint  Secretary    (PW-FC) 22250802 249C, Vidhana Soudha
SHASHIDHAR G Deputy Secretary 22251495 259, Vidhana Soudha
KALAVATHI S V Deputy  Secretary (Pension) 22353957 MS Building
PADMAVATHI Special Secretary 22282590 203, Vidhana Soudha
HEMANNA G B Deputy Secretary (Services-I) 22353984 207, Vidhana Soudha
UMA K Deputy Secretary (Services-II) 22353987 202A, Vidhana Soudha
SHOBHA H A Deputy Secretary (FR & BCC)     22033243 259, Vidhana Soudha
SUDARSHAN KUMAR D S Deputy Secretary (Welfare) 22255728 258, Vidhana Soudha
LAKSHMI Deputy  Secretary-4  Section (Exp-V & VII) 22354526 MS Building
VATSALA KUMARI C Deputy Secretary FCC 22373429 MS Building
BHARATH KUMAR U Joint Director -PMU PMU Matters-World Bank Related   MS Building
HYDERALI KHAN K Deputy Controller (Acc Mgmt) Accounts Management     MS Building
MUKUNDA P Deputy Director & Ex Officio Deputy Secy-PMU PMU Matters-World Bank Related     MS Building
RAJESH KARNAM Head of the Legal Cell (I/c) All Legal Matters   MS Building
VANITHA .N  Under Secretary (Exp-1 and Inv) Section (EXP-1 & Investment )  22033210 201E, Vidhana Soudha
VENKATESH BABU G.S Under Secretary (Exp-2 & 10) Section (Exp-II & X)  22033249 249A, Vidhana Soudha
GOPICHANDRA.S Under Secretary (Exp-3 & 9) Section (Exp-III & IX)  22033123 367, Vidhana Soudha
RAVICHANDRA N Under Secretary (Exp-4 & 5)  Section (Exp-IV & V)  22033812 205, Vidhana Soudha
MANJUNATH M Under Secretary ( ZP) Section (Exp-VI & XI)  22033352 249B, Vidhana Soudha
MURTHY K N Under Secretary  (VII & VIII) Section (VII & VIII)  22033583 249, Vidhana Soudha
MURALIDHARA C Special Officer (FRC & CC)  Section (FRC & CC)  22033224 249E, Vidhana Soudha
K.SAVITHRAMMA Under Secretary (CT-I) Section (CT-1)  22033312 249B, Vidhana Soudha
RAJAMMA Under Secretary (CT-II &
Sections (CT-II & Co-ordination)  22033459 360A, Vidhana Soudha
SUVARNA B S Under Secretary (Services-1) Sections (Services 1 & 3)  22033135 207A, Vidhana Soudha
JAYASHREE Under Secretary (Services-2) Section (Service -2)  22033402 202A, Vidhana Soudha
GAYATHRI K Under Secretary (Public Works Finance Cell) Sections (PWFC-1 & 2)  22033518 249E, Vidhana Soudha
VACANT Under Secretary (Procurement Cell) Section (EXP -12)  22033160 360A, Vidhana Soudha
VACANT Under Secretary (Advances & Admin) Sections (Admin & Advances)  22033392 249A, Vidhana Soudha
MANJULA NATARAJ Under Secretary (Excise) Section (Excise)  22033330 201G, Vidhana Soudha
VENKATESHAPPA Under Secretary (PMU) Section (PMU)   MS Building
KUMTA PRAKASH Under Secretary (FCC & Pension) Sections  (FCC & PENSION  )  22032010 MS Building
HARISH DESK OFFICER (Legal Cell) All Legal Matters  22032833 MS Building
VEERABADARAIAH Section Officer (Exp-1) Energy ,C&I ,IDD & Public Enterprises     22033766 257, Vidhana Soudha
SONIKA Section Officer (Exp-2) Co-operation & IT-BT , S&T    22033744 249B, Vidhana Soudha
DAYANAND Section Officer (Exp-3) Social Welfare, BCWD & Minority Welfare    22033823 249C, Vidhana Soudha
SANGANNAVAR  M H Section Officer (Exp-4) Agri , Horti , AH&F & Sericulture    22033826 249C, Vidhana Soudha
SHOBHA M B Section Officer (Exp-5) HFW & ME, FEE & F &CS    22033747 205, Vidhana Soudha
VIDHYA H PAI Section Officer (Exp-6) RDPR & Planning    22033445 249C, Vidhana Soudha
DHARMAPPA Section Officer (Exp-7) Revenue, K&C , Information ,Tourism & Youth Services     22033760 249, Vidhana Soudha
BYRAJU K S Section Officer (Exp-8) Education (Primary, Secondary & Higher)    22033746 249, Vidhana Soudha
THIPPESWAMY Section Officer (Exp-9)   Housing ,UDD , Labour & Skill Development    22033745 249B, Vidhana Soudha
KAVITHA Section Officer (Exp-10)   WCD, Law, Legislature & Parly Affairs     22033593 202, Vidhana Soudha
NAGARATHNA Section Officer (Exp-11)   Home & Transport    22033229 249C, Vidhana Soudha
KANTHAMMA N M Section Officer (Exp-12) Procurement Matters, DPAR ,e-Governance     22033827 249C, Vidhana Soudha
UMADEVI G Section Officer (Investment) Guarantees-Monitoring of Loans & Adv-Dividends/Int Budget Memorandum & Investment Matters    22033768 205, Vidhana Soudha
KALPANA S Section Officer (BCC) Budget Compilation work    22033762 257, Vidhana Soudha
BASAVARAJU M Section Officer (FR) KFC, KTC, MCE, Budget Manual & Delegation Powers.    22033262 257, Vidhana Soudha
JAYANTHI Section Officer (FRC) Government of India Credit confirmation, RBI matters & Economy orders.    22033765 257, Vidhana Soudha
KAVITHA L Section Officer (Computer Cell) Budget data compilation, Budget Volume preparation,NABARD matters- relating to issue of time promissory note and repayment of principal and interest, Website management.    22033033 249E, Vidhana Soudha
PUSHPA V S Section Officer (Services-1) Matters relating to KCSR's, Absorption of employees, Special rules, Inter State Transfers & Payment of Ex-gratia.    22033145 207, Vidhana Soudha
HANUMANTHRAJU Section Officer (Services-2) Revision of pay scales, allowance, OPC matters, Time Bound Advace & sanction of Allowances.    22033402 202, Vidhana Soudha
VIJAYALAKSHMI Section Officer (Services-3) Amendment to KCSR's, Upgradation of posts, Deputation abroad/Higher Studies, Review of C&R Rules, Counting of past services, TA&DA Rules, Rules relationg to Government Quarters, Preparation of Compendium relating to FD (Services).    22033153 207, Vidhana Soudha
MANJUNATHA S Section Officer (PW FC-1) PWD, WRD & MI    22033814 249C, Vidhana Soudha
VENKATESH S N Section Officer (PW FC-2) Refund of Security Depost and Release of Funds & Revised Estimate Proposals    22033741 249C, Vidhana Soudha
CHINNU BAI K S Section Officer (Pension-1) All matters relating to Retired Government employees and pension matters     22032708 MS Building
JYOTHI Section Officer (Pension-2) All matters relating to NPS    22032709 MS Building
HEMALATHA Section Officer (IFS) RIDF, NABARD, SLBC, SLCRC, RRBs and other Institutional Finance related matters.    22032063 MS Building
MALATHI C Section Officer (PMU) Externaly Aided Projects    22032252 MS Building
AJAY KORADE Section Officer (Excise) All matters relating to Excise    22033830 201G, Vidhana Soudha
NETHRAPRABHA  M D Section Officer- (CT-1)  Sales Taxes, VAT related matters.    22033761 249B, Vidhana Soudha
VANI Section Officer- (CT-2) All service & administrative matters relating to CT Dep.   22033742  249B, Vidhana Soudha
SHARANAPPA M Section Officer (Administration) Matters relating to SAD and Commisionerate of Treasuries.   22033759  249A, Vidhana Soudha
KOMALA V Section Officer (Advances) Alladvaces related matters, KGID & Small Savings Dept.    22033758 249A, Vidhana Soudha
VACANT Section Officer (FCC-1) Matters relating to 14th and 15th Finance Commission and other FCC matters    22032748 MS Building
LOKESH Section Officer (FCC-2) Matters relating to 14th and 15th Finance Commission and other FCC matters     MS Building
GANGADEVI Section Officer (R&I and Co-ord) All matters relating to Co-ordination of Finance Department.    22033769 363C, Vidhana Soudha
KALAVATHI S  Accounts Officer (A/c Mgmt) PAC and Audit matters    22032059 MS Building

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