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FD 360 EXP-12/2020


Covid-19 on the backdrop of the implementation of civil works - Explanations

1.45  Click to View
 FD 908 Exp-12/2019


Procurement of Goods and Equipments - Use of Standard Tender Documents

1.36 Click to View
 FD 360 Exp-12/2020 13-07-2020   COVID-19 on the backdrop of the implementation of civil works.  1.54 Click to View 
 FD 367 Exp-12/2020  26-06-2020  (CIRCULAR)-All procurement authorities in the state are concerned with procurement of required commodity procurement services and maintenance of works 0.31  Click to View 
 FD 295 Exp-12/2019  26-03-2019 Commodity collection as per KTPP Act-1999  and Rules-2000  1.41  Click to View 
 FD 772 Exp-12/2018 01-08-2018  Generating Letter of Indent (LOI) in the e-Procurement System – Reg. 0.83  Click to View 
 FD 576 Exp-12/2018  22-05-2018 Single Bid and Pre-bid Meeting   1.30  Click to View 
 FD 576 Exp-12/2018 22-05-2018  Constitute a Standing Committee under the chairmanship, ACS. 1.36  Click to View 
 FD 876(P-1) Exp-12/2017 12-10-2017  Randomisation selection of work   0.50  Click to View 
 FD 165 Exp-12/2017  21-03-2017 Considering prices done by e-Procurement 0.37  Click to View 
 FD 1066 Exp-12/2016  20-03-2017 Providing explanation related to Single Bid and Government in Appeal cases 0.31  Click to View 
FD 850 Exp-12/2015 15-12-2016 Explanation of commodity collection from MSME as per KTPP Act 1999 and Rules 2000 1.35 Click to View
FD 850 Exp-12/2015 29-12-2015 Commodity collection from MSME as per KTPP Act 1999 and Rules 2000 3.14 Click to View
FD 840 Exp-12/2011 03-07-2012 Karnataka Silk Sales Board Purchasing Silk Yarn  0.05 Click to View
FD 195 Exp-12/2011 30-03-2011 Minimum time to be followed fixed for submitting the tender 0.26 Click to View
PWD 381 FC-3/2006 10-11-2006 Explanation of Transparency Act for Natural Disasters and the Government's Emergency 0.29 Click to View
PWD 43 FC-3/2006 15-04-2006 Referral of files by the Administrative Department to Finance Department 0.60 Click to View
PWD 140 SO/FC 2003 01-09-2003 Procedure for Sale of Tender Documents 0.07 Click to View
PWD 1359 SO/FC 2001(P-2) 03-12-2002 Guidelines for conducting negotiations before award of the contract. 0.10 Click to View
PWD 1359 SO/FC 2001(P-2) 03-12-2002 Verification of Qualification Criteria1 and Available Tender Capacity2 before award of contracts 0.17 Click to View
PWD 1359 SO/FC 2001(P-2) 25-10-2002 Procurement Planning, Packaging and Scheduling and making Available funds to match with the requirement as per approved Procurement Plan. 0.07 Click to View
PWD 1359 SO/FC 2001(P-2) 25-10-2002 Awarding of contracts to the lowest evaluated technically and Commercially responsive tenderer meeting the prescribed Qualification criteria including tender capacity and past Performance. 0.06 Click to View
    KTPP related circulars list 1.15 Click to View


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